Women and Men in Iceland 2018

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Women and Men in Iceland 2018

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In both her TED talks, Halla Tómasdóttir mentions how growing up in Iceland impressed her to continually work in direction of gender equality. Starting as an underdog candidate, Tomasdottir ran for President in 2016. She got the second most votes in a crowded field of candidates, regardless of polls showing that she had 1% support some forty five days earlier than election day. A year after Tómasdóttir misplaced her race, the percentage of girls elected to the Icelandic parliament dropped from 47.6% to 38.1%. Even with this drop in representation, Iceland did go on to elect the second woman to serve as prime minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, on the finish of 2017.

Just a rational need of hers to be happy, liable for her actions and in a position to survive dismal situations with a hope for the higher. Perhaps top-of-the-line but controversial features of Icelandic ladies’s character is their carefree angle to courting codecs.

"Icelandic girls reduce working day to protest wage gap". France24. 25 October 2016. "Icelandic girls minimize working day to protest wage gap".

No reference was made to civil or political rights in the founding statement. On the other hand, the formation of the association is a sign of the awakening of a public spirit amongst ladies in the nation. The next many years noticed a proliferation of ladies’s organisations in Iceland, mainly within the capital, Reykjavíok, that in 1907 might boast of six such organisations. Women’s associations were for the main part self-assist associations in the sense that their activity was to boost member’s degree of home-keeping standards, acquire knowledge about new expertise, and even purchase new tools on a cooperative stage, thus introducing the economic revolution to the backward Ielandic households. Some had been explicitly philantropic, particularly in Reykjavík, where the primary women’s association, based in 1874, gave garments and food to the poor.

For centuries, this seafaring nation’s girls stayed at house as their husbands traversed the oceans. Without males at home, girls played the roles of farmer, hunter, architect, builder. They managed family funds and have been essential to the country’s ability to prosper.

Now in her 80s, this steely-eyed powerhouse tells me of the influence that day of protest had on her own career trajectory. History may present us with clues.

  • Teachers, nurses, workplace workers, housewives put down tools and didn’t go to work, provide childcare or even cook of their kitchens.
  • Ólafsdóttir determined to assist change that, and cleared the path for CCP Games to bear a voluntary audit.
  • Because the pay is important – eighty% of wage up to a ceiling of £2,300 a month – and because it’s on a use-it-or-lose-it foundation, 90% of Icelandic fathers take up their paternal leave.
  • Without males at house, girls played the roles of farmer, hunter, architect, builder.
  • It is therefore fairly obvious that parliament was primarily afraid of ladies ― afraid that an extension of the franchise would result in a radical re-shaping of the structures of energy.

Halla Tómasdóttir, first woman to integrate feminine values into Icelandic finance; worldwide keynote speaker, CEO of "The B Team"

Both the Women’s History Archive and the Hinsegin Huldkonur project are wanting again over a male-dominated historical document to find the women whose lives and tales are hidden in archival collections and in undiscovered attic packing containers. Of course, this work of refocusing our historical consciousness and filling in the archival gaps is not unique to Iceland.

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By distinction, in 1920 about 20 % of the inhabitants resided in the capital, which by that point may boast of banks and firms, stress teams and social movements, together with a strong women’s movement. Icelandic women gained the parliamentary vote in 1915, however the best was, nevertheless, marred by the fact that only women over forty years of age received the vote. Nowhere else in the world was womens’ suffrage restricted on this specific method.

The robust girls’s political motion in Reykjavíokay seems, nevertheless, to have put fear into the hearts of many parliamentarians. In 1913, parliament discussed a invoice granting suffrage to women. Surprisingly, the invoice restricted the suffrage by age (forty) and social status (not servants).

Women should make up at least forty % of board members. And that law has labored. Today women constitute 43 percent of the boards of the biggest publicly listed firms (that figure is 21.7 p.c in the U.S.). “We needed to do something big and we would have liked to do one thing daring as a result of our state of affairs was dire,” mentioned Ómarsdóttir, who credit the worldwide ladies’s movement, together with the women who marched for equality in New York City in 1970, for inspiring Icelandic women.

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